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SuperQuilt & PIR Insulation Comparison

YBS SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation products are widely used in the same applications Rigid PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulation. Common PIR Manufacturers are Kingspan, Celotex, Xtratherm, EcoTherm, Recticel, QuinnTherm and many more.

Some of the most popular applications for both products are pitched roofs, flat roofs, timber frames, and solid wall insulation.

Please see below list of benefits of using SuperQuilt instead of PIR insulation.

  • 40mm SuperQuilt is equivalent to approx. 80mm PIR Insulation (Installed)
  • 40mm SuperQuilt is equivalent to approx. 60mm PIR Insulation (Continuous)
  • 36% more cost effective compared to 75mm PIR Insulation
  • 98% Reflectivity, compared to approx 95% on PIR Insulation
  • Rigid PIR Insulation takes approx 5 times longer to install – Cutting boards is required
  • Built-in Vapour Control Layer in SuperQuilt
  • SuperQuilt will compress to less than 10mm, allows loft boards/battens to be installed
  • Easily cut and flexible material
  • Cleaner material to cut, no floating or harmful dust
  • Can be simply stapled to timbers using 14mm staples

SuperQuilt is proven to save cost, space and installation time compared to PIR Insulation when your project is going through building control.

Bespoke U-value calculations can be provided to see how SuperQuilt can work in your project! Contact for further information.

If you would like further technical information about how to use SuperQuilt in various applications please see our comprehensive installation guides.

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Comparison With Other Popular Multifoils

SuperQuilt is not only superior in comparison to PIR Insulation. In fact, SuperQuilt is one of the highest performing certificated multifoils on the market and is out performs many other popular brands.

Product Name SuperQuilt EcoQuilt Expert TLX Silver SF19+ Triso Super 10+
Manufacturer YBS Insulation Ecohome Insulation Web Dynamics Boulder Development Actis
40 15 30 45 35
Certified Roof R-Value 2.50 - 1.81 2.49 -
Approx PIR Equivalent (Roof)
75 50 60 75 -
External Emissivity 0.02 0.05 0.05 0.03 0.05
Vapour Resistance
1569 1200 1200 1200 1200
LABC Approved check close check check close
UK Manufactured check check check close close
True Aluminium Outer Layer check close close close close
Fire Certificate check close close close close
Lifetime Guarantee check close close close close
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check check close close close

To assist you further deciding which multifoil insulation solution is best for you, please see our online instant U-value calculator. It calculates solutions to insulation requirements using products such as YBS SuperQuilt. There are solutions available for roofs, walls, floors and also sheds/summerhouses. It also provides solutions incorporating products as as; YBS BreatherQuilt, EcoQuilt Expert, Eco Non-Itch Wool and YBS Breather-Foil FR.

Free & Easy U-Value Calculator

Use our simple calculator to see how easy it is to meet building control standards with YBS SuperQuilt.

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Purchase Options

SuperQuilt is available for purchase both in individual rolls or as trade pallet deals.
Individual rolls are sold in the following sizes; 1.2m x 10m (12m2), 1.5m x 10m (15m2) and also 1.5m x 2.4m (3.6m2).
Bulk trade pallet offers are only available in 15m2 and 12m2 rolls.

Individual Rolls

1 x SuperQuilt Roll - Roll Sizes: 1.2m x 10m (12m2), 1.5m x 10m (15m2) and also 1.5m x 2.4m (3.6m2)

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Trade Pallet Deal (12m2 and 15m2 only)

15 x SuperQuilt Roll (12m2) OR 9 x SuperQuilt Roll (15m2)

5/6 x Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape

1 x Free Heavy Duty Staple Gun Plus 5000 Staples

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LABC, BBA & BDA Certified

Use YBS SuperQuilt in your next project without worrying about building control standards. SuperQuilt is LABC, BBA & BDA certified so is compliant for use in many applications.

LABC Accredited BBA Certified BDA Expert Centre